Finding Zuzu

My name is Dee & the purpose of this blog is to chronicle my life with Zuzu, my Boston Terrier.

I lost my beloved pit bull, Kato, to lymphoma on February 5 and about a month later Zuzu came to live with me. I had been looking for either a French Bulldog or a Boston Terrier for months. I had planned to bring another dog in but then Kato took a turn for the worse so I didn’t think it would be fair to him and I stopped looking. A few weeks after he passed away I started looking again, as I was lonely and couldn’t imagine my life without a dog. I decided to get a small dog even though I would have loved to get another pit bull. They are simply the most wonderful, gentle & loving breed and I hope to have another one someday. I live in an apartment and have a few health issues so a small dog was the logical choice for me right now.

I had been looking at local rescues both before and after Kato passed but couldn’t find what I was looking for so I enlisted two of my friends to help in my search. We looked for quite a while and one day my friend sent me this picture and wrote ” I found her”!

The first picture I ever saw of Zuzu.

It was love at first sight! Zuzu’s owner was “placing” her because she was pregnant and moving and just didn’t have time for a dog anymore. I spoke with her on the phone for a long time, exchanged emails with her and finally decided to make Zuzu a part of my family.

She was living in New Orleans so we made plans to fly her here the next Friday, on the 1 month anniversary of Kato’s passing. I thought maybe this was his way of approving my decision. I made plans with my friend, Lisa, to pick her up at the airport at 2:00 PM the following Friday then I settled down to wait. Do you know how time seems to go by as if you’re underwater? Well, that’s how the next week was for me. I did have things to keep me occupied. Like the boxes that kept arriving from Kato’s godmothers, Lisa &┬áChristine. Here are a few pictures of what Zuzu had to look forward to.

Godmothers gone wild!

Lots of treats!

These are just a few pics of the many toys, collars, treats & clothes they sent to welcome Zuzu home. This dog has it made!

The next entry will be my trip to the airport. ­čÖé